Where Dreamers Only Go


Music documentary explores life and career of Michael on Fire 

Detroit, MI: The exciting first edition in a planned documentary film series and budding social community called Where Dreamers Only Go debuted Wednesday, April 3 at the historic Marquis Theater in downtown Northville. “The Artist, The Dreamer, The Lover, The Fool,” chronicling the life and work of critically acclaimed musical artist and Detroit-native Michael Colone, aka “Michael On Fire” is the first film is the series. It was made possible through the support of the non-profit Artist Advocacy Foundation.

Three days later, a special live 
concert performance with Michael On Fire, joined by celebrated performers Billy Brandt, Muruga Booker and Harry Hovakimian took place at the Trinity House Theater in Livonia. 

The title, Where Dreamers Only Go, is borrowed from a lyric by Michael On Fire. It perfectly describes their lofty mission of shining a fresh spotlight on the stories and art of the enormously talented but often “unsung” heroes. The planned documentary series sets out to offer engaging 
tales of the forever Dreamers, those who remain ever true to their muse, in our fast-paced world. It celebrates the righteous rebels and those who 
have dedicated their lives, often at great cost and challenge, to the call of providing inspiration and the respite of escape for the rest of us, through words and music.

These are the stories of those who are irrevocably drawn to a life of passion and purpose. Theirs’ is a journey wrought with uncertainty and turbulence but the reward is fulfillment, authenticity, and the rare opportunity to contribute one’s unique gifts to the world. These are the Dreamers among us. They inspire us through their willingness to choose an unconventional life, their ability to persevere in the face of adversity, and through the healing power of the art they offer us. It is that inspiration, and the desire to embark on the Hero’s Journey that is the path to … Where Dreamers Only Go.

The first episode in the series is called “The Artist, The Dreamer, The Lover, The Fool,” a 90-minute music documentary that shares the story of Michael On Fire, a lifelong musical artist who has steadfastly shunned conventionality and commercialism, in favor of true originality and self-expression. The film chronicles Michael’s journey from his roots as a songwriter and artist signed to Groovesville Music in Detroit, working out of the famous United Sound Studios with noted music producer Don Davis; to his earliest recordings with the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section (The Swampers) at Muscle Shoals Sound in Alabama; to his musical explorations with the progressive jazz group, Prismatic (including descriptions of the legendary jazz club Cobb’s Corner and stories involving local legends Lyman Woodard, Marcus Belgrave, Griot GalaxyHenry Normile and John Sinclair;) to time spent in L.A. and Nashville, gigging constantly and making records with the likes of Stephen Stills, Joe Vitale and many other great producers and players; through the . decades of non-stop grass-roots touring, and right on through to his newest two-album set. MOF is that rare breed of dedicated entertainer that has lived his entire adult existence without compromise as a full-time artist, playing all original music, for an exceptionally loyal audience, all without ever truly reaching the commercial mainstream.

The Rock City News in Los Angeles called him, “One of our leading troubadours,” saying, “He has the elusive, inspirational quality of a cult hero.” 

Emmy and Peabody Award winner Tom Cochrun described a MOF concert as “One of the most powerful and personal performances I’ve ever seen,” adding, “There’s something about Michael on Fire that connects like no other.”

The film was written, directed and edited by Ron Colone, a graduate of Livonia Stevenson High School. 

“I spent more than 10 years on the road with Michael, over 300 days a year, traveling all over the country, interacting with every kind of person in every kind of environment,” says Colone. “I wanted to share some of the traveling tales that have been so central to my life’s story, but even more importantly, the sense of purpose, hope, inspiration, and the deep intestinal fortitude that keeps the Artist and the Dreamer going, even in times of tremendous hardship.”

Colone noted that it was the lessons learned from the years of touring and traveling with his brother that led to the creation of Tales from the Tavern, a nationally-concert series that brings authentic troubadours and elite singer-songwriter-storytellers to perform in the intimate environs of an old roadhouse, before a live audience. 

The Santa Barbara News Press  called ‘Tales,’ “One of the most sought-after performance opportunities on the West Coast,” and folk legend Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, a National Medal of Arts recipient, said, “Tales from the Tavern is about more than simply presenting music; it’s about opening the world to the boundless possibilities that only spending an evening in the company of musical luminaries can afford.” Tales from the Tavern also serves as an incubator and fertile garden for more inspiring musical stories to follow in the documentary series, as so many highly regarded artists perform there and share their journey of discovery through song and story.