Where Dreamers Only Go

Michael On Fire double album.

Soundtrack album from the film, "Where Dreamers Only Go" (2019)

Dave Stamey - Let Me Sell You a Dream

Live at Tales from the Tavern (2016)




John Gorka Live at Tales from the Tavern II

CD & DVD - Live performance and interview (2018)




Casting On Dry Land

a collection of columns by Ron Colone

The Solstice Session / Tracks Along the Way

The Solstice Session - a 2-record set by Michael On Fire


REP #034 - Michael on Fire / Always Yes

On this his 13th album, Michael on Fire brings to light his distinctive brand of americana-rock music with 13 songs that span a broad range of rootsy styles, including country, blues, big ballads, swamp-rhythms and more. Acoustic and electric sounds -- guitar, piano and harmonica; dobro, sax and organ; violin and banjo; upright bass and drums. A confident and original work Always Yes shows Michael’s superb sense of melody, his gift as a poet, and his creativity as an arranger and producer. These talents come together to reveal the unique insights and conviction of a man who has traveled as a troubadour, long and far and wide, more than 40 years - as a professional musician, playing original music, and forging a connection, on a grass-roots level, with friends and fans and audiences who feel a deeply-personal and profound connection to him through his music.

Always Yes is well-suited for audiences of album-oriented, adult alternative, americana music, and it further establishes Michael on Fire’s place among our most potent performer-singer-songwriters.


John Gorka Live at Tales from the Tavern

John Gorka CD/DVD performance and interviews recorded live at Tales from the Tavern